Dr. Gary Villines is the vice president and
general medical director of Arkansas Hyperbaric Associates with its four wound care and
hyperbaric centers in central Arkansas.

Dr. Villines is a native Arkansan. He is a graduate
of Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas for Medical
Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock.

He has been a practicing physician for 30 years.
He started his career in family medicine in rural Arkansas but soon moved back to the
city and has specialized in Emergency Medicine during the majority of those 30 years.
Dr. Villines has been board certified by the American
Board of Emergency Medicine for
over 15 years.

Dr. Villinesą interest in wound care began when he joined the ER staff
at St. Vincent Infirmary in the early Ś90s. At that time, the St. Vincent ER group had
the only active hyperbaric chambers in Arkansas.

Dr. Villines became keenly interested in hyperbaric medicine and soon became director
of their hyperbaric unit. Along the way, he and a few of his partners became increasingly
involved in comprehensive wound care through experience, extensive training and
independent study.

After launching the very successful wound care center at St. Vincent,
Arkansas Hyperbaric Associates expanded, providing wound care and hyperbaric services
to North Little Rock (at Baptist Health North) and to Hot Springs (at Healthpark

Dr. Villinesą special interests arein the treating of delayed radiation tissue injuries
(a not infrequent complication of radiation treatment of certain cancers) with
hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and in the use of cultured skin substitutes (Apligraf for
example) to accelerate healing of problem wounds.

Dr. Villines is especially proud of the much needed services that he and his group have
brought to central Arkansas and is convinced that their facilities will provide the best
possible wound care in the area.

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